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Nonwovens are manufactured by arranging the fibers in a sheet or web according to the fiber length. They can then be coupled with other fibers to improve the properties of the final product.

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The Airlay-S is designed for the aerodynamic forming of the web. Its special Patented technical configuration allows to lay the fiber along the web thickness in a S-shape, strongly increasing the longitudinal strength of the product. Especially suitable for insulation pad manufacturing, the Airlay-S processes all kinds of fibers, shoddy, natural, mineral and synthetic whether they are short or long, offering a wide production range also in automotive, filtration, furniture and building industry. Optionally equipped with a double feeding unit the Airlay-S can blend fiber with non-fibrous matter like polyurethane foam, wood chips and other material. The Airlay-S can process any kind of fibers with a maximun length of 100 mm and a minimum granulometry of 2 mm. PET, PP and Bico fibers can only be used as binder (no powder components like EVA or phenolic resins).
Double Feeding
The double pneumatic feeding unit ensures an excellent regularity of transversal density and allows use of a wide range of physically immiscible fibrous and non-fibrous compositions and mixtures like fiber with rice husk, polyurethane foam, wood chips, grinded polystyrene, grinded corianders of resin-bonded nonwoven.
Web forming
Product formation takes place in a depressurized room adjustable from 20 mm to 300 mm allowing production of a wide range of products with different basic weights and densities.

Weighing Scale

The Weighing Scale weighs the web and continuously adjusts and corrects the fiber flow in order to ensure an excellent regularity of transversal density.

Air Card

Designed for the aerodynamic formation of low basic weight felts and high-loft products, the Air Card allows to produce a fibrous mat placing the various mixtures of fiber randomly, giving an isotropic orientation and therefore a comparable strength in the MD and CD direction. The machine is fed by a volumetric feeder that creates the web and it is composed by a pre-card and an air-card unit equipped with some opening and working cylinders having the function of orientate the fibers and calibrate the product. Essential product features are achieved in filtration, furniture and construction industry.

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