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It consists in smoothing and compressing nonwoven materials during production by passing a single continuous sheet through a number of pairs of heated rolls, called calenders.

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Heating Calender

Ramina high quality heating calenders are designed to stabilize and calibrate the nonwoven after the needling and thermal bonding process. The Heating Calender ensures the texture and reduces the product thickness decreasing the transport volume especially for geotextile, roofing, automotive and filter applications. The standard machine configuration is with 2 or 3 oil-heated rollers and optionally with 2 cooling rollers, however different machine layout can be studied according the customer’s requirement.

Embossing Calender

Ramina High-flexibility Embossing Calender is designed for the calibration and finishing of spunbond, meltblown, composite and needled nonwovens. The special configuration with 3 oil-heated rollers, 1 embossing and 2 chrome plated, allows several product paths and surface finishing. The additional supply of 2 pressing cooling rollers ensure even more product thermal stabilization and textures. Uptime production is ensured by an easy and quick roller change system.

Cooling Calender

With a roller up to 8.000 mm wide, the high-flexibility pressing Cooling Calender allows to calibrate a large variety of nonwovens in many application areas. The cross-axis technology controls the roller deflection ensuring a perfect pressure distribution on all product width.

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