Via Regina Elena, 49
35010 Grantorto (PD) - IT

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From turn-key plants to single machines, Ramina always strives to provide the best customized and innovative services to satisfy the needs of a wide variety of nonwovens production sectors.

R&D Center​

A pilot plant at the forefront of technological innovation for nonwoven production has been installed in the R&D center of Ramina. It is the Leonardo 1.0 composite line: Spunbond, Meltblown, Spunbond. Thanks to the Leonardo 1.0 SMS pilot plant it is possible to carry out researches on new materials and production processes in order to develop customized nonwoven products.


Ramina is Bio and Recycle oriented: Leonardo (spunbond, meltblown and composite lines) is available with PLA (polylactic acid) process and the Airlay-S line works with synthetic, natural, shoddy, mineral fiber.

Industry 4.0

For an efficient and interconnected production, we develop software that make the machines communicate with one another, making them operate in a fully automated way and with the possibility of receiving significant data from them to better manage the production process.