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Ramina packaging unit speeds up the process and ensures to protect nonwoven rolls against dirt and moisture before use or further processing.

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Tangential Wrapper

The Tangential Wrapper is designed to pack the nonwoven roll by means of a wrapping unit able to perform the total closure of the packing with a single-fold polyethylene film and a shrinking oven having the function of retracting the plastic film, making the film adhere to the nonwoven roll.

Roll Palletizer

Designed to drastically reduce the truck loading time, the Roll Palletizer is a smart and easy-to-use automatic machine allowing fast palletizing and displacing of the nonwoven rolls. Simply by setting few machine parameters, the Roll Palletizer in automatic creates the pack of rolls according to the desired configuration. When the pack of rolls is finished or during the palletizing the operator can proceed with manual or automatic strapping of rolls.

Strapping Unit

Fully automatic pallet Strapping Unit designed for the vertical strapping for roll pallet stabilization. The machine can be equipped with a driven carriage for the strapping unit translation.

Shaft Packing Machine

Ramina Shaft Packing Machines is designed for an easy packing of wadding rolls reducing their volume and therefore their shipping cost. The machine has electrical operation, resulting in a number of important advantages if compared to the hydraulic operation as low noise emission, no risk of oil leaks that would damage the product and low power consumption.

Pad Stacker

The Pad Stacker is designed for palletize the felt sheets allowing a fast packaging operation.

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