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With a production capacity of 10.000 tons/year, Ramina needling lines are the best solution for the production of a wide variety of nonwovens. The needle punching machines allow the mechanical bonding of different types of fibers, for example PP, PET, PA as well as viscose, cotton, etc. This process allows the creation of fabric weights from 50 gsm up to 3.000 gsm. Ramina needing lines can be tailored to customers’ needs and are essential in the development of different products for geotextile, agriculture, automotive, furniture and other industries.

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Opening, dosing
and blending of
the fibers

Carding of the fibers.
The fibers are arranged
in the machine direction
to create a web

Crosslapping of the
web. The web is layered
to increase the cross
directional strength
of the fabric and improve
its uniformity. It ensures
weight accuracy and defines
the width of the final product

Drafting of the web. It ensures
the desired MC/ CD ratio
and consequently the right
tensile strength and elongation
of the final product

Pre-needling and needling
9 is the mechanical bonding
of the fibers through the
use of needlelooms. This
process entangles the fibers
and increases the strength
of the nonwovens

Calendering of the
nonwoven through
oil- heated and cooling
rollers to stabilize the
product, ensure the
texture, stiffness and
thickness required

of the nonwoven

Cutting of nonwoven
and roll winding

Automatic wrapping
of the roll with protective film

Automatic palletizing
and strapping of the rolls

Production capacity:
10.000 ton/year
Product width:
Up to
7.200 mm
Basic weight:
50 – 3.000 gsm
Raw material

Synthetic fiber: PP, PET, PA, viscose, acrylic, Kevlar, nylon, etc.

Natural fiber: cotton.

Production capacity: max. 700 kg/h
Working width: 1.500 mm
Fiber length: 38 - 100 mm
Fiber denier: 1 - 100 Dtex
Weighing per minute: 2 - 6
Weighing error: max. 1%
In-line bale opener: max. 5


Filters for air and liquid filtration
Shoulder pads, body armors, fire- protections
Greenhouses, fertilization, marsh drainage
Waddings, mattresses, carpets, wall coverings, decor felts, wipes, blankets
Construction of roads, railways, dams, drainage felts, coastal protection, reinforcement felts
Headrest lining, carpets, door lining, component molding, thermal and acoustic insulation, seat wadding, etc.

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