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clay liner

Ramina designs and manufactures complete Geosynthetics clay liner lines for the production of bentonite geocomposites. Bentonite clay is a low-permeability material, and it is contained between two PP Geotextiles (one upper needled nonwoven geotextile layer and one lower woven geotextile layer). The GCL line allows the formation of geocomposite through a mechanical fixing, needling the three layers together. The result is a flexible, versatile and resistant material that can be used to create a hydraulic barrier in a wide range of areas, especially in landfill sealing and civil engineering applications.

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Unwinding of the lower
PP woven geotextile layer
to support the bentonite clay

Bentonite dosing
on PP woven

Application of the upper
layer of PP nonwoven
geotextile for bentonite closure

Needle-punching to seam
all three layers together

Singeing hair of the lower
layer of GCL through an IR
unit to avoid powder loss

of GCL

Cutting of GCL
and roll winding

Automatic roll

Product width:

6.500 mm

Working speed:

7 m/min

Basic weight:

1000 gsm

6000 gsm
Raw material
Layer 01: PP nonwoven geotextile.
Layer 02: Bentonite clay.
Layer 03: PP woven geotextile.

Geosynthetics clay liner

Laminated geosynthetics clay liner

Working width: 6.700 mm
Roll diameter: up to 1.500 mm
Sewing machine: manual/automatic
Centering system: manual/automatic


Landfills sealing, building of roads and railways, dams, hydraulic works, coastal protections

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