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Airlay S line

The Airlay-S line is Ramina’s innovative system that allows the aerodynamic web formation starting from natural, synthetic, shoddy or mineral fibers. The Airlay-S patented technology replaces the traditional carding and cross-lapping systems and allows the fibers to be placed in an S shape along the web thickness, increasing the longitudinal strength of the material. The Airlay-S line ensures a perfect fiber opening and dosing in order to provide high blending accuracy. The basic weight obtained using the Airlay-S patented technology ranges from 500 gsm up to 6.000 gsm. However, thanks to the combination with an air-card it is possible to create lighter products, from 160 gsm.

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Opening, dosing and
blending of the fibers

Aerodynamic web formation
(Airlay-S system for weights
from 500 gsm to 6.000 gsm,
air-card for weights from 160 gsm)

Thermobonding with a
felt- tunnel oven and
calendering of the material
to stabilize the product,
ensure the texture, stiffness
and thickness required

Cooling unit

Slitting and high-precision
cross cutting

Roll winding or
pad stacking

Production capacity:
2.000 kg/h
Product width:
Up to
3.400 mm
Working speed:
Up to
15 m/min

Standard basic weight:

500 – 6.000 gsm

Special basic weight:

160 – 3.000 gsm
Raw material
Synthetic fiber: virgin/recycled PET, PP, BICO, PA, cellulosic viscose, etc.
Natural fiber: cotton, flax, wool, kenaf, coconut, jute, hemp, straw, etc.
Shoddy fiber: denim, rags, etc.
Mineral fiber: glass fiber, rock wool fiber, ceramic fiber, carbon fiber.
Other: rice husk, resin-bonded nonwoven grinded, grinded EVA blown materials, grinded polyurethane, grinded polystyrene.
Production capacity: max. 700 kg/h
Working width: 1.500 mm
Fiber length: 38 - 100 mm
Fiber denier: 1 - 100 Dtex
Weighing per minute: 2 - 6
Weighing error: max. 1%
In-line bale opener: max. 5


Filter materials
Felts for mattresses, Quilts and blankets, sofas, chairs and armchairs
Materials for thermal acoustic insulation
Felts and substrates for automotive, Materials for thermal and acoustic insulation

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