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Nonwovens lamination consists of bonding two or more layers, at least one of which is a nonwoven fabric, so to obtain improved strength, stability, sound insulation, appearance, breathability or other properties.

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IR Unit

The IR Unit is the perfect equipment for the lamination of nonwoven with materials like Geomat, Geogrid, etc. The infrared lamps thermal fuse the surface of the membrane that sticks on the nonwoven roll creating a geocomposite. The machine can be equipped with a single or a double IR plate and it is usually followed by a 2-roller Cooling Calender for the geocomposite calibration.

Pad Smoother

Mainly designed for the calibration and surface smoothing of thermal bonded nonwoven, the Pad Smoother is also used as a laminating unit to laminate the polyester pad with a polyester film without the need of glue or low melting powder. Essential product features are achieved in the field of construction and building industry. The particular design allows easy remove and replacement of the double Teflon belt drastically reducing the machine down-time.

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