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Thermally bonded webs are assembled with both synthetic or natural fibers and ensure the creation of light to medium weights at high production speed. Thanks to Ramina thermobonding lines it is possible to obtain a homogeneous fiber distribution which results in high-strength nonwovens. The surface weight of the final product ranges from 50 to 3.000 gsm. The thermobonding line allows the creation of high loft products for the furniture or clothing industry as well as sturdy pads used in automotive and construction industries.

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Opening, dosing and
blending of the fibers

Carding of the fibers.
Fibers are arranged
in the machine direction
to create a web

Crosslapping of the web.
The web is layered to increase
the cross directional strength
of the fabric and improve
its uniformity. It ensures weight
accuracy and defines the width
of the final product

Drafting of the web. It
ensures the desired MC/ CD
ratio and consequently
the right tensile strength
and elongation of the
final product

Thermobonding through
a wadding tunnel oven
with an internal cooling unit.
It gives the desired thickness
to the final product

Pad smoother, designed for
the calibration and surface
smoothing of the pad.
It can be used to laminate
the pad with film or other
materials without adding
glue or low melting powders

Slitting and high-precision
flying cross cutting for pads
up to 250 mm

Roll winding
or pad stacking

Production capacity:
1.500 Kg/h
Product width:
4.200 mm
Basic weight:
50 – 3.000 gsm
Raw material
Synthetic fiber: PET virgin and recycled, PP virgin and recycled, acrylic, nylon, aramid any many others.
Natural fiber: regenerated cellulosic fibres, bast, wool, etc.


Filters for air, gas and liquid filtration.
Roofing for bituminous membranes, housewrap, geotextiles, acoustic and thermal insulation.
Shoulder pads, interlinings, leathergoods.
Mattresses, upholstery, bed covers, pillows, intermediate layers, floor covering, carpet backing.
Baby and adult diapers, various feminine hygiene products, tampons, face wipes, slippers, pads, panty shields, sanitary napkins, baby wipes.
Headrest lining, carpets, door lining, component molding, thermal and acoustic insulation, seat wadding.

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