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Spunbond roofing
and Geotextile line

Ramina designs and manufactures complete spunbond roofing and geotextile lines starting from 100% PET polymer or flakes from recycled bottles. The line is used for the production of needle-punched fabrics for geotextile (50-700 gsm) and impregnated fabrics for roofing (80-350 gsm). The first fabrics are used in road, railway, airport, landfill constructions and civil engineering works. The second nonwovens are used for roof coverings, underflooring, plumbing, and supports for roofing bituminous membranes. The Spunbond Roofing line by Ramina uses an innovative technology that allows a lower energy consumption resulting in cost saving. In addition, the line is specifically designed to guarantee an easy accessibility for cleaning. In particular, it is possible to clean the drum dryer while the line is operating, extending line uptimes.

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Polymer extrusion
and filtration

Spinning of the melt
into continuous filament
through a double
spinning beam

Filament quenching
and stretching with
compressed- air ejectors

Distribution of filaments
through flappers on web
forming conveyor

Mechanical bonding
of the nonwoven
by needling

Thermofixing of
the nonwoven through
a drum dryer to avoid
shrinkage of the product

by calendering

Resin impregnation
with padder

Drying and
resin curing

by calendering

of nonwoven

Cutting of nonwoven
and roll winding

Geotextiles for roads, railways, airports, landfills, civil engineering, hydraulic works, carpet backing, supports for PVC coating, filter media, etc.
Production capacity:
13.500 ton/year
Product width:
Up to
6.500 mm
Basic weight:
50 – 700 gsm
Supports for waterproofing bituminous membranes, for roof covering, roads, viaducts, foundations, flat roofs, roof gardens, underflooring, hydraulic works, civil engineering
Production capacity:
13.500 ton/year
Product width:
Up to
1.020 mm/each
Basic weight:
80 – 350 gsm
Raw material
Natural fiber: Virgin and recycled PET chips, PET flakes from recycled bottles.


Roofing for bituminous membranes, housewrap, geotextiles, acoustic and thermal insulation.

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